Molecular Assemblies announced the successful completion of an end-to-end run to store and retrieve digital information in DNA.  

“To our knowledge, we are the first industry group to store and retrieve digital information in DNA using enzymatic synthesis, a technology that is both cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable,” said Michael J. Kamdar, President and CEO of Molecular Assemblies.  

Storing digital information in DNA has the potential to revolutionize the data storage industry by converting large amounts of data into nanograms of stable, easily replicable material.  

This news was featured by Bradley Fikes in The San Diego Union-Tribune and highlighted by Chris Patil at synbiobeta 

Update: Chemical & Engineering News has named Molecular Assemblies one of “10 Start-Ups to Watch” for 2018. Along with the company’s groundbreaking science, CEN highlighted the interest from investors. 

“We have a nice balance of investors so far,” CEO Michael Kamdar told CEN. “We have some folks who are investors because they have an interest in the synthetic biology and life science applications. Then we have others who have interest in the data and information storage applications.”

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