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With demand for synthetic DNA on the rise among researchers worldwide, San Diego-based Molecular Assemblies is making a push to commercialize enzymatic DNA synthesis with a newly acquired $12.2 million in Series A financing. 

The company’s approach allows it to produce long and accurate DNA sequences that can be used for CAR-T and gene-editing therapies, adding new traits to crops and livestock, and producing industrial chemicals, as well as making it possible to store great amounts of data in a very small area. 

“Our ability to reliably, affordably, and sustainably produce long, high-quality DNA can accelerate life science research and transform the information storage industry by enabling integrated systems that can write and read DNA data,” CEO Michael J. Kamdar said in a statement.

Kamdar says this recent round of funding will allow the company to expand its 16-person team to about 25 people, and prepare a product for commercialization within the next two years.

Molecular Assemblies press release

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