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Social media – it is everywhere, but is it right for your organization?  Here are a few questions to help figure out whether social media can help your organization.

  • What are your goals (in general) for your business?  Does it have to do with connecting people to information you have or motivating them to do something?  If yes, then you should be investigating social media as a solution.
  • Which platform is preferred by your audience?  Social media is a number of platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn), so this requires investigation and audience research.  This research should also include an understanding of the level of interaction and who are the key influencers on each platform.
  • What is the level of comfort for social media in your organization?  Is it occurring on a regular basis?  Are there social medial policies and training in place?  If so, then continue on.  If not, some additional prep work will need to be done here.
  • What will be your message and content?  Social media is a bit like the plant, Audrey, in Little Shop of Horrors.  It needs to be fed, and it needs good shareable content that is helpful and wanted by your audience.  Setting up an editorial calendar will help organize these thoughts and understand the scope of the projects.
  • What are your resources?  While social media is technically “free,” time is still not.  Thus, it is essential to make sure resources are considered when setting goals, strategies and success metrics.  You may find that social media may offset other costs like printing and advertising.  Social media can also provide more value to costs and actions you already do.  For example, if you speak at an event, only the people at that event hear your message.  With social media, you can amplify that message to anyone that follows you.
  • Is there a (small) project that would benefit from social media?  The best way to dip the toe into social media is to identify a small project that has discrete actions and relatable metrics to your business.


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