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The WHY, What, When, Who and How of PR & Marketing

Public Relations (PR) and marketing is the voice, eyes and ears of your organization.  It helps connect you to your target audience and drives the right people to your company or organization so you can accomplish your business goals. Every business is constantly interacting or wanting to interact with a number of audiences, including investors, collaborators, customers and employees.  But how often do you think about your communications with these audiences?  How often do you think if these communications are aligning or not aligning with your business goals?

PR and marketing supports business goals by:

  • Raise awareness and credibility among potential investors and partners
  • Provide clear and consistent understanding of how your company’s value and differentiators are perceived in the marketplace
  • Help articulate a mission statement to create the right message for your company
  • Strategic planning for business development marketing

Effective PR and marketing align your business goals with your communication strategy enabling you to reach key audiences so that you can be successful.

>> WHAT is PR and marketing?

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