Digital pathology startup Deep Lens was featured on the cover of the September edition of CLP (Clinical Lab Products) magazine. 

The article, titled “Elevating Pathology,” reviews the challenges inherent to diagnosing cancer patients, recruiting patients for clinical trials, and contending with an avalanche of big data. Deep Lens president and co-founder Simon Arkell and CEO and co-founder Dave Billiter then detail Deep Lens’ AI-driven digital pathology technology known as Virtual Imaging Pathology for Education and Research (VIPER), which they refer to as “an innovative digital pathology cloud platform.” 

They describe how VIPER is speeding cancer diagnosis and clinical trial recruitment by enhancing pathology workflows, peer-to-peer collaboration, and patient identification for clinical trials. Not only does VIPER allow for patients to be matched to clinical trials more quickly — even at the time of diagnosis — it can accelerate image analysis, improve accuracy of diagnoses, and support research collaboration (Deep Lens, which is based in Ohio, offers VIPER free of charge to pathology groups around the world). 

Clinical Lab Products: Elevating Pathology: AI-driven digital pathology can accelerate cancer diagnosis and clinical trial recruitment

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