Little Dog client and digital pathology startup Deep Lens, Inc., has exited stealth mode with $3.2 million in seed funding and the launch of the company’s Virtual Imaging for Pathology Education and Research (VIPER) technology to pathologists around the world.  

Deep Lens is also using the technology for more efficient clinical trial recruitment, and the VIPER service supports pathologists by offering diagnosis matching, confirmation, and pathology expert consultation.  

This means the VIPER service is poised to solve a major problem in biomedical research. As Deep Lens cofounder cofounder Simon Arkell told FierceBiotech: 

“We’re going to be working very closely with the pharmaceutical industry. What we’ve found is that Big Pharma companies are very, very motivated to go upstream from oncology to pathology so they can access and identify potential candidates for clinical trials,” Arkell said. “Recruitment for clinical trials is a big, expensive problem for that industry. What we provide is, for the first time, is a direct channel to pathology.” 

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