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1) Your conference rooms are named Windansea, Tourmaline, Swamis, Trestles…and you know why.

2) You own a pair of dressy flip flops.

3) Former biotech execs become master brewers not winery owners.

4) Your holiday party has a food truck…and it serves gourmet fish tacos.

5) Everyone has worked with someone who worked at Hybritech and/or Aurora.

6) Opening day at the Del Mar Races is an unofficial company holiday.

7) You can’t hit a golf ball without hitting no less than four word class research institutions or four world class breweries.

8) People ask if the doughnuts you brought to the meeting are from VG’s.

9) You have to go buy a winter coat and boots when you get to NYC for those winter banking conferences.

10) You get a meeting invite to a board meeting, you ask, “suit or wetsuit?”

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